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October 19. 2017

Successful Learning Communities Start with a Vision

What is your school's vision? Does everyone in your school have the same goals? What tools do you need to accomplish your vision?

Join us on Thursday, 10/26 at 8:00 p.m. (EST) for a Twitter Chat to discuss this important topic. In the meantime, take a moment to read this message from Fountas and Pinnell to learn what they envision a successful literacy community to look like.


The schools we envision recognize every child’s right to grow up literate as a member of a dynamic learning community that values the richness of linguistic, ethnic, and cultural diversity. Members of the school community are treated and treat others with empathy, kindness, and respect. Students are motivated to investigate new ideas that fuel intellectual curiosity and act as powerful agents in their own learning. Because when students are fully engaged and feel a sense of joy in their own learning, they achieve a higher level of literacy.

The resources within Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ was built on this vision, and through the dynamic literacy education these resources offer, students come to understand their physical, social, and emotional world and their roles as informed global citizens—hallmarks of the literate lives they can lead. 

Does their vision match that of your school's? Join your fellow colleagues and Fountas and Pinnell next Thursday on Twitter to learn more about how to turn a vision into a reality. @FountasPinnell #FPLiteracy

~The Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ Team

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